I approached Karen for leadership coaching at a time when I was struggling to see a way forward in my new post as a Head of School. The sessions provided me with a valuable opportunity to take time out to reflect and think through next steps and to highlight my areas of development. Karen is very easy to talk to and provides a flexible structure to the sessions which allow you to talk through what is important to you at that time. As a result, I feel much better equipped to handle the challenges ahead. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend leadership coaching with Karen and view the time we spent together as an invaluable investment in my own development as a leader.

Mel Hitchcocks, Head Of School, English International School, Moscow South-West

I would recommend this approach whole-heartedly to any education professional who was exploring the idea of strengths-based coaching. Strengths based coaching has had an enormous impact on my own confidence as a headteacher. It has enabled me to step back from situations and look at how best to approach them to find a solution. In terms of professional development, I am a very different person to the one who set out on the GALLUP strengths analysis - more confident and assured in my choices and with more grit and determination and self-belief. I feel the school got great value for money.

Megan Davis, Headteacher, Exton Primary School

Staff are able to engage in more open and honest, robust conversations, and this means greater clarity of purpose and shared understanding.

Executive Headteacher, Lou Coulthard

I very much enjoyed the strengths based coaching. It was really interesting to focus on my strengths and consider how they could positively, and negatively, impact on my teaching and leadership. The school definitely got value for money with the sessions as I believe this work has been some of the best and most effective CPD that I have taken part in. My trust in Karen also played a huge part in its success in my opinion.

Dan Alfieri, Headteacher, St Nicholas Primary School

Karen's coaching has completely transformed the way I handle my workload. She has helped me tackle thinking processes that have held me back from reaching my full productivity potential. She is extremely knowledgeable and had no problem discussing how to utilise mine to reach my full potential. Karen's coaching has helped me understand how to use my strengths to benefit me, and as a result increased my productivity a huge amount.

Teacher, Uppingham Primary School

Karen has an incredible way of helping you to take the initial idea of a strength and give it context and meaning, encapsulating what it means to be you. Each session is informative, illuminating and, above all, personal. I would recommend Karen without hesitation, and have done so.

Laura Bevins, Teacher, Exton Primary School

Today I have just had an amazing coaching session with Karen. I went into the session with many thoughts in my head. Karen listened, gave me lots of time and helped me analyse my thoughts. She showed me how … I can plans in place so I can maximise myself as a person and take action. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed my time with you and you have given me lots to think about and act on.

Team member, St Nicholas Primary School

Professionally: Teams are now working better because they know what makes one another tick.  They are playing to strengths when organising themselves for the completion of tasks.  They are considering why certain people react in the ways they do to certain initiatives and/or change.

Sonia Schofield, Headteacher, Whissendine Primary School

Through these sessions, Karen coached, challenged and encouraged and I have since successfully applied for a senior position within the school.  I would not have done that before the strengths based coaching sessions as I did not believe that I was able.

Nicky White, Senior Teacher, Whissendine Primary School

I’d readily recommend Karen as a strengths-based coach!  She makes it a safe environment in which to speak honestly, openly and freely. Karen helped me personally and professionally by encouraging me to realise my own potential and strengths; Strategies developed with Karen will always be in my own personal ‘tool box’, to dip into as needed and this has had a positive and empowering impact on both my professional and personal life.  Thank you Karen!

Teacher, Ketton Primary School

Really enjoyed looking at these in depth and gaining a greater understanding of how I can make these work for me.  Karen’s lead in the discussions made me reflect on how I can use them – this was sometimes challenging but very thought provoking.

Sally Gooding, Executive Headteacher, Empinghma & Great Casterton Primary School

Karen I really enjoyed out team sessions, they were a great link - particularly during lockdown! I am so grateful to you for the time, encouragement and support during our 1:1 sessions, which really helped me to remain positive during the unknown times I have been facing outside of work.

Teacher, Glapthorn Primary School

I found Karen incredibly approachable and supportive. I really look forward to my sessions where I feel I can totally open up about how I am feeling and discuss areas where I need guidance. Karen encourages lots of reflection and her gentle questioning gets straight to the heart of the matter, often giving insights into elements that I had not even considered, and really makes me stop and think about what I am doing and how I can get to where I want to be. I leave each session with clear goals and a real sense of purpose about how I can improve my working life in so many ways. Karen always makes me feel so positive about what I have achieved/can achieve, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Teacher, Great Casterton Primary School

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