Individual Coaching Programme

Programme description

This programme is for leaders and those with high leadership potential who wish to develop their leadership capacity. The Covid period has been a time of tremendous change but also of tremendous learning and growth. Professional coaching provides the opportunity to review and update your assumptions, behaviour, and mindset around your abilities and limitations. It helps you identify your strongest leadership behaviours and see when you are getting in your own way.

Intensive, high impact programme is for Headteachers and Senior Leaders who are looking to

  • Increase self-awareness & maximise leadership capacity
  • Clarify leadership vision and values
  • Identify and challenge limiting mindsets & behaviours
  • Increase daily impact & raise performance in others
  • Increase their coaching capacity with their team

What’s involved?

This programme consists of

  • Six 60 min coaching sessions
  • Extensive CliftonStrengths resources and tools for in depth learning & discussion
  • CliftonStrengths code for Top 5 strengths assessment

Together we will extend how you work and achieve through others, to develop yourself and raise standards in your setting.

"Strengths based coaching has had an enormous impact on my own confidence as a headteacher. It has enabled me to step back from situations and look at how best to approach them to find a solution."

Megan Davis, Headteacher, Exton Primary School

"Karen's coaching has completely transformed the way I handle my workload. She has helped me tackle thinking processes that have held me back from reaching my full productivity potential."

Teacher, Uppingham Primary School

Telephone: 07720 771843

Skype me: rutlandkaren