All our programmes will help you as leader to

  • Tackle the thorniest issues in your team
  • Build your coaching capacity and impact
  • Raise performance and engagement in your team
  • Realign team goals and bring your team together

You and your team will receive

  • Impactful coaching to develop and apply your chosen leadership style
  • A proven programme to support, nurture and develop you and your team
  • Impactful team workshops that build trust, collaboration, and resilient relationships across your team, leading to progress on your key goals

As a leader you will receive

  • Powerful coaching experiences
  • A confidential ally on your journey to support you to mould and improve your team
  • Proven habits and behaviours which you can replicate in your ongoing leadership practice

To find out more, please get in touch. My contact details are at the bottom of each page.

"Both the team sessions and 1:1 sessions with Karen have been brilliant. I understand myself better and how I can utilise my strengths to be more productive, and I understand others in my team better. It has given us a language to talk to each other about what we need as a team and we are already closer. I am really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve when we get back in September. Thank you Karen."

Class teacher, Polebrook Primary School

Telephone: 07720 771843

Skype me: rutlandkaren