High Performing Teams

Programme description

This programme is for headteachers, senior leaders, subject coordinators and heads of department who want to take a deeper dive into the dynamics of their team. We will work together to identify the key behaviours and attitudes that you wish to shift during this time.

This is an in depth, high impact programme that supports the leader to coach the team to generate sustainable team alignment by:

  • Building positive team dynamics that align and support the whole teams progress
  • Developing mutual understanding within the team to maximise impact on shared goals
  • Establishing effective habits and behaviours to the team to make progress on key goals
  • Establishing and applying leadership coaching capacity

What’s involved?

Using an online platform to allow the team to understand the motivations of team members. We explore how we support each other for success and also get in each other’s way.

The programme lasts for 14 weeks with set up and review activities at either end of the project. We focus on the leaders key goals and support the relevant behavioural and attitude changes required to make it stick through team sessions and ongoing reflections, tasks and nudges. As your coach, I will support you all the way to achieve the change and key goals that you care about most.

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"The focus on habit making (in the RC programmes) has become an integral part of how we operate, and the programme has opened up development opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise”

Lou Coulthard, Executive Headteacher, Glapthorn and Polebrook Primary Schools

Telephone: 07720 771843

Skype me: rutlandkaren